Mackinac Partners

About Mackinac Partners


In an increasingly complex business environment where firms face regional, virtual and global competition, companies must be prepared to continually reinvent themselves. Now more than ever, companies must address challenges and opportunities with financial and operational tenacity, deliver strategic plans that reflect real-world dynamics, and maintain a leadership team that is decisive and pragmatic.

Mackinac Partners is a leading financial advisory and turnaround management firm that steadfastly helps clients address and resolve financial and operational crises and pursue new growth opportunities. With extensive financial and operational experience across industries as both operators and executives, our team can help identify limitations, challenges and opportunities in our clients’ businesses, and drive plans to create more stable, responsive and higher performing operating environments.

Our business intelligence and corporate security group can also help analyze key opportunities and risks of acquisitions and restructurings, providing deep insights and background intelligence that provide companies and equity sponsors with everything they need to make highly informed decisions. Our services help bring about enhanced profits, proven value and stronger performance across business cycles.