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Driving Value through Business Transformation and Financial Restructuring

In today's increasingly sophisticated business environment, companies face complex challenges on a daily basis. Whether the struggles are based on implementing cost reductions, streamlining operations or broader economic issues such as access to capital markets or fluctuating consumer demand - businesses today must be nimble in thought and process. This type of dexterity may involve pursuing a new market focus or perhaps a set of strategic acquisitions, divestitures or even a merger. At other times it may require deeper financial or operational restructuring to deliver maximum value to stakeholders.

Change is difficult - adapting to change is even more difficult. The key factors to successful corporate change are the ability to acknowledge critical warning signs; the flexibility to take swift and decisive action; and the importance of seeking assistance from experienced professionals. The ability to do so will separate leading companies from those with only a sideline view.

Mackinac Partners is a leading financial advisory firm with deep experience in helping clients transform their businesses to become more profitable and achieve increased stability, direction and growth. Our professionals have extensive strategic, financial, operational, and transactional experience in both restructuring and growth business cycles and have served in C-Level and Director roles across a broad range of industries.

Our service offerings are geared to uncover the challenges and opportunities that help our clients achieve more stable and responsive operating environments. We develop unique financial and operating solutions that provide our clients with increased profits and value.

Change is inevitable. With extensive expertise in managing financial distress, as well as strategic and operational change, Mackinac Partners is uniquely qualified to deliver results-oriented solutions that maximize value and enhance a company's competitive advantage.


our experience

Direct Sales Jewelry Company
Famous Brands / Mrs. Fields / TCBY
American Driveline Systems
Real Mex Restaurants
AgFeed Industries Inc. (China) Sale to Ningbo Tech-Bank Co Ltd
RSG Holding Corp / Centrica / Direct Energy
AgFeed Industries USA
Z Capital - Portfolio Restructuring and Strategic Advisors
RE Loans - Portfolio and Asset Management / Disposition
Pacific Monarch Resorts, Inc.
Clockwork Home Services Inc.
Z Capital Partners - Affinity Gaming
M-Tec Corporation
BIC Graphic USA
Grand Seas Resort
Playpower, Inc.
Fortress Investment Group LLC
R.E. Loans LLC
Island One Resorts
Vacation Charters / Split Rock Resort
Grupo Playa Del Sol
TenRock Capital LLC
ILX Resorts
Chanin Capital Partners
Norwood Promotional Products, Inc.
My Outdoor
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Relativity Capital
Lone Star Funds
Detroit Technologies, Inc.
Goldman Sachs
Ivanhoe Huntley Homes
Cibola Vista Resort and Spa
Comerica Bank
Pazzaz LLC
New Century Financial Corporation
Teton Club
Huntington National Bank
M-Tec Corporation
Affordable Residential Communities
Accredited Home Lenders
New Stream Capital
Diamond Resorts International
Grace and Wild Inc.
Walter Industries, Inc.
Reach 360
Talbot Marketing
American Business Financial Services, Inc.
Banks Corporation
National City Bank
Pazzaz LLC
Hamilton Pacific L.P.
USA Commerical Mortgage Co.
PTC Alliance Corporation
JME Opportunity Partners, LLC
Leisure Resorts
Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
Penske Truck Leasing Company
JP Morgan Chase
Awrey's Bakery
E-Loan Inc.
Sunterra Corporation
PennCorp Financial Group, Inc.
Acordia, Inc.

Business Intelligence and Corporate Security Services

Mackinac Incident Response Services

The Mackinac Incident Response Services (“MIRS”) team helps organizations respond quickly and effectively to unexpected events.  Our Business Intelligence and Corporate Security professionals have the expertise to help manage incidents from identification through to resolution. We will help bring incidents to a rapid conclusion, while minimizing cost, damage and disruption. More more

Business Intelligence and Corporate Security Services

Private Equity Compliance Services

The Security and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and other authorities have been expanding the compliance requirements of PE firms on a regular basis. Mackinac Partners has a deep understanding of both the nuances of private equity as well as compliance requirements stipulated by the SEC. Through our Private Equity Compliance Services (“PECS”), our firm provides proactive guidance to private equity firms ... More more

Financial Restructuring Services

Turnaround & Interim Management Services

Turnaround and Interim Management Services Mackinac Partners regularly provides advisory services to existing management, often by filling key interim executive positions such as CEO, CRO, COO and CFO. Our involvement allows current management to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business, while we seek to stabilize the existing environment and develop solutions to promote long-term growth. More more

Financial Restructuring Services

Bankruptcy Consulting Services

Bankruptcy Consulting Services Through the bankruptcy restructuring process, we have helped numerous companies manage and resolve the aftermath of catastrophic events.  While the bankruptcy restructuring process can be an arduous endeavor, if managed by experienced professionals, it can produce value maximizing solutions that restore order, clarity and value. More more

Financial Restructuring Services

Transition Advisory Services

Transition Advisory Services 40% – 60% of all M&A deals fail to achieve expected results, primarily due to poor post-acquisition integration.  In order to realize expected post-acquisition synergies and value, it is essential that key aspects of a business come together.   Mackinac Partners will help your organization achieve this critical result.    More more

Financial Restructuring Services

Trustee and Receivership Advisory Services

Trustee and Receivership Advisory Services Mackinac Partners has served as trustee, advisor to court-appointed trustees, receiver and liquidating agent in numerous receivership and bankruptcy estates.  As a fiduciary, our goal is to safeguard the estate’s assets and to maximize its remaining value.  Our vast experience has produced impressive, results-oriented solutions for the effected constituents.  More more

Transaction Advisory Services

Buy-side Advisory Services

Buy-side Advisory Services Mackinac Partners provides a full spectrum of financial, operational and strategic due diligence for clients who are pursuing an acquisitive growth strategy.  Given our extensive operating experience, our philosophy is to perform detailed analytics on much more than just the target company’s financial statements. Our analyses delve deep, uncovering critical nuances that are often overlooked.  More more

Transaction Advisory Services

Sell-side Advisory Services

Sell-side Advisory Services Mackinac Partners’ professionals are uniquely skilled at selling distressed assets - outside of bankruptcy, as a prepackaged Plan of Reorganization or as a §363 sale.   The combination of our financial restructuring and operational expertise makes us well suited to highlight a company’s strengths and maximize the consideration received.  More more

Transaction Advisory Services

Post-Acquisition Advisory Services

Post-Acquisition Advisory Services The success of a merger or acquisition is not innately derived from the transaction itself but from the successful integration of synergies and operational efficiencies.  Mackinac Partners clearly understands that post-acquisition success is contingent on the integration of pre-acquisition objectives.  More more

Transaction Advisory Services

Capital Advisory Services

Capital Advisory Services Mackinac Partners has deep-rooted expertise and relationships with capital market providers. We regularly collaborate with leading investment banks and private equity funds and have collectively raised over $20 billion in capital. Our relationships span a cross-section of capital sources including commercial banks, asset managers, and investment funds (both mezzanine and equity).  More more

Transaction Advisory Services

Business & Strategic Plan Advisory Services

Business & Strategic Plan Advisory Services The fundamental role of management is to create and maximize an organization’s enterprise value.  This objective is best achieved by developing corporate strategies that have vision and foresight.  Whether the strategy includes eliminating non-core assets, outsourcing non-strategic processes, or developing new markets; Mackinac Partners has been there. More more

Business Intelligence and Corporate Security Services

Corporate Intelligence and Security Services

Corporate Intelligence and Security Services Mackinac Partners has the global expertise to develop comprehensive vulnerability and threat assessments that will protect your people, assets and infrastructure in the event of a crisis. With professionals from Secret Service and the FBI, our team provides support across all aspects of security planning and response including security engineering, design and analytics, vulnerability and threat assessments, business ... More more

Business Intelligence and Corporate Security Services

Compliance, Fraud and Forensic Services

Compliance, Fraud and Forensic Services In an increasingly complex and regulated business landscape, protecting your company’s financial position from fraud is a significant factor in remaining competitive.  It is estimated that companies lose over $3 trillion to fraud annually.  It is critical that organizations quickly understand the details of these threats and develop strategic plans to address them.  The Mackinac Partners forensic ... More more

Business Intelligence and Corporate Security Services

Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Services

Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Services Mackinac Partners provides a wide range of cyber security and digital forensics services to help keep your business secure and to respond to threats and breaches. Our professionals conduct detailed IT security assessments to help identify weaknesses in a company’s information, network and data architecture. More more

Specialty Real Estate Services

Asset Management Advisory Services

Asset Management Advisory Services Mackinac Partners is actively involved in providing asset management services to stakeholders of real estate property.  Our role is to free our clients from the day-to-day demands of maintaining, safeguarding, operating and marketing real estate assets, and to concurrently develop and execute a long-term sustainable strategy.  More more

Specialty Real Estate Services

Strategic Workouts

Strategic Workouts Mackinac Partners has vast industry and technical experience assisting lenders, equity investors and developers of real estate-related entities to manage complex business crises such as liquidity pressures, loan maturity issues, and impending foreclosures.  We regularly provide clients with assistance in developing and executing creative strategies to maximize the value of their holdings.  More more

Specialty Real Estate Services

Buy-side, Sell-side & Lender Advisory

Buy-side, Sell-side & Lender Advisory Services Mackinac Partners provides a comprehensive set of services for handling complex real estate transactions across buy-side, sell-side, and lender positions.  Our team has the necessary distressed asset and fiduciary management acumen to improve the stability, performance and return on your real estate holdings.  More more

Specialty Real Estate Services

Capital Markets Advisory Services

Capital Markets Advisory Services Mackinac Partners provides capital advisory services to a wide-range of real estate market participants, including private equity funds, institutional owners, as well as trusts and individual investors.  We work directly with our clients to develop strategies that optimize their objectives such as liquidity, cash flow, and return on investment. More more

Specialty Real Estate Services

Due Diligence Advisory Services

Due Diligence Advisory Services Mackinac Partners regularly provides comprehensive acquisition due diligence for public and private companies.  Based on our extensive experience in assisting distressed organizations, we are able to quickly identify areas of potential deal risk.  As a result, our analyses largely focus on identifying issues that impact valuation and operating trends.  More more

Dispute Advisory Services

Litigation Services

Litigation Services Mackinac Partners regularly serves as an expert witness in complex litigation matters and assists counsel to develop and support a wide range of legal issues.  Essential to each of our matters is a thorough and deep understanding of the inter-relationship between the financial, economic and industry related issues of each case.      More more

Meet Our Team - Experienced Professionals. Proven Results.

With over two decades of full-time experience to distressed and underperforming companies, Mackinac Partners’ highly skilled professionals are accustomed to working in the most complex business environments and are attuned to identifying challenges and navigating change.

Our staff's impressive backgrounds include working with many of the premiere national financial advisory firms and leading national and international public and private corporations. As a result, Mackinac Partners provides an unparalleled combination of technical and operational proficiency.

Our leaders and managing directors have served in tough industry roles - CEO, CFO, COO and CRO - and our team of strategy and financial advisory consultants has helped numerous mid-size and large companies navigate complex circumstances to emerge stronger and more profitable. 

To view more information about our professionals, please view our People page.