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We work with highly experienced business professionals on a daily basis – our clients.  Our clients are knowledgeable business leaders who have a keen understanding of their industries, markets and business operations. They have high expectations for their company’s performance as well the performance of the business partners who assist them. Our clients are looking for seasoned professionals who fully understand finance, restructuring, bankruptcy, capital markets, strategic planning and growth. We fulfill this expectation by ensuring that the professionals in our firm have deep experience in these capabilities and are skillful in interacting with senior management to deliver comprehensive and sustainable business solutions.

James A. Weissenborn
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

The companies that we work with are often facing critical hurdles in their corporate growth strategies. Some are dealing with macro-economic pressures, while others are responding to increased pressure from lenders, competitors, supply chain advances, direct to customer models or technology innovations. Strategically adapting to such change can often bring about welcome results, however some challenges require restructuring, deep streamlining or even divestiture of non core assets.

The lessons learned from our many years of advising distressed and underperforming companies, growing companies, as well as our years as operators, Managing Directors, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, Treasurers, and CRO’s – have helped us understand how to help companies change and transform themselves while leveraging aspects of the business that are already working well.  Each business environment that we’ve had the opportunity to work in is different from the previous one.  While we actively leverage our cumulative knowledge from each client matter, we clearly understand that a “one-size fits all” approach does not produce results.

The characteristics of every organization are unique – from the capital structure and operating environment to the supply base and competitive position. A strong, fact-based assessment helps us to develop a work-plan and approach that is specifically tailored to meet the specific objectives of each client matter. Most importantly, we work closely with our client partners and stakeholders to ensure that we effectively leverage the skills and talents of our client’s in-house leaders and experts.


Keith A. Maib - Senior Managing Director

Keith A. Maib
Senior Managing Director

We also advise emerging companies that are looking to invest in new assets or capabilities, to expand their market position, or to assess and execute strategic mergers or acquisitions. We have helped companies including Diamond Resorts International and many private equity partners to significantly grow their businesses. We work directly with our clients to analyze the impact of critical initiatives – What is the impact on shareholder value? What are the risks of a transaction? What is the best integration plan to ensure maximum value delivery and leveraged synergies post-closing? How do we best handle customer, services or asset aggregation without business interruption?

These complex business scenarios are the types of challenges that we deal with on a daily basis.  These matters are intricate and necessitate the utmost scrutiny and agility, often requiring negotiations with buyers, lenders, creditors and other parties-in-interest; candid strategy assessments; an analysis of fiduciary obligations; and an assessment of various laws and regulations.  Mackinac Partners professionals are skilled at working through these types of business scenarios.

We have learned that with the right expertise and fortitude, business challenges can produce new and exciting opportunities.  With a solid plan, dedicated professionals, proven methodologies, experienced leadership, and clear decision making, it is possible to successfully navigate the most difficult matters and drive significant enterprise value. With these guiding values, proven methods, and hands-on expertise, we have partnered with a broad range of clients and have successfully helped them to strengthen and enhance their competitive positions.

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