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Business Intelligence and Corporate Security

In an increasingly complex global business environment, making the right moves to advance your company’s capabilities, while reducing risk, protecting assets and securing your reputation, must include multifaceted levels of intelligence gathering and security capabilities. Mackinac Partners’ comprehensive Business Intelligence, Due Diligence, Investigations and Corporate Security practice is designed to help companies and private equity sponsors avoid and mitigate the impact of both operational and transactional risks.

Our services are geared towards gathering actionable intelligence and uncovering key risks and threats in a company’s operating environment prior to mergers, in new partnerships or strategic transactions, as well as in ongoing operations. Mackinac Partners also provides a suite of investigative and security advisory services to identify vulnerabilities and both prepare for and respond to financial and regulatory problems, brand infringement, reputation risk, data breaches and cyber threats.

Led by former special agents of the FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security, as well as former law enforcement officers, our personnel have extensive domestic and international experience in white collar crime, regulatory and government compliance and security advisory services. With seasoned professionals and global intel, Mackinac Partners can help reduce your risks and increase your success in pursuing new business plans, expanding or restructuring operations, and responding to business and market dynamics, global opportunities and emerging security threats.


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