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Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Services

Mackinac Partners provides a wide range of cyber security and digital forensics services to help keep your business secure and to respond to threats and breaches. Our professionals conduct detailed IT security assessments to help identify weaknesses in a company’s information, network and data architecture.

We also schedule penetration tests, web application tests and network security assessments to help target specific vulnerabilities to a company’s information architecture. Our associates will develop a detailed security schematic with actionable recommendations, and a roadmap for implementation and compliance that will help prevent cyber incidents.

Mackinac Partners also provides eDiscovery and Data Collection services to assist companies with digital information requests emanating from legal or regulatory inquiries. Using the latest search and extraction technologies, our associates provide eDiscovery with all information requested as well as an expert report on how the data was collected/preserved, supporting litigation or regulatory inquiries.

In the event of data loss or deletion, our associates perform detailed digital forensics on servers and computers that will analyze the digital footprint and help uncover or recover critical hidden information. If a company has incurred a breach that has resulted in the loss of assets or data, our associates provide detailed forensic analysis to determine the cause and scope of the breach, identify remedial steps, and assist your company in managing all impacted relationships.

Our Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Services Group provides the following services:

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