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Due Diligence and Strategic & Operational Assessments

With intense competition for well performing assets, it is important that acquiring companies and equity sponsors remain diligent in their strategic investments in companies and new capabilities, and proactive in their guidance of business performance.

Mackinac Partners has a suite of services to help acquiring companies, Private Equity firms and Hedge funds to assess, quantify and pursue the right deals. From financial and operational due diligence, to detailed analysis of the strategic, market and synergistic aspects of a transaction – we help give companies a 360 view of acquisition opportunities and their strategic fit.

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We also focus on the operational, strategic and synergistic aspects of a transaction – applying vertical expertise and experience to assess and quantify opportunities during the diligence process to support valuation analysis and strategic objectives. This process includes developing detailed integration/post-acquisition plans that help target and drive synergies, efficiencies, and ROI to maximize value for stakeholders.

We also work with companies to help management and equity sponsors coordinate counterparty processes, including broker, financing and potential acquisition vetting – to facilitate bid processes and provide capital structure and financial advisory to M&A clients.

Our multi-disciplined approach, which can be customized to meet specific client needs or scenarios, includes:

  • Due diligence and financial analysis/modeling to quantify and assess opportunities;
  • Strategic and operational assessments of companies and counterparties;
  • Applying vertical expertise and market, customer and asset assessments to assist in valuation analysis;
  • Assisting counsel and financial brokers with the negotiation of letters of intent and purchase agreements;
  • Counterparty bid assessments and analyses;
  • Capital structure and financing advisory;
  • Business intelligence and background assessments provided by our dedicated Business Intelligence division, which includes former special agents with the FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security.

We also help develop detailed integration and transition plans that delineate targeted benefits and structural performance objectives, and work with management teams post-acquisition to successfully implement and integrate specific initiatives to realize the synergies and opportunities identified during the diligence process. For more on our services please visit our Integration and Transition Services page.

Mackinac Partners also provide CEO, CFO, COO and CRO Interim Management to help companies, Private Equity firms and Hedge Funds manage the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, sell-side transactions, and liquidations. For more, please visit our Interim Management Services page.

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