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Litigation Support and Dispute Advisory

Mackinac Partners regularly serves as an expert witness in complex litigation matters and assists counsel to develop and support a wide range of legal issues.  Essential to each of our matters is a thorough and deep understanding of the inter-relationship between the financial, economic and industry related issues of each case.

Our staff is uniquely qualified to assist in these matters, bringing keen business insight and deep-rooted analytical expertise to the most difficult situations. We support counsel in various capacities from consultants to expert witnesses – all the while providing prompt detailed service throughout the duration of a matter. Our professionals are well versed in financial operations, M&A, accounting, fraud, security and related regulatory compliance and have experience working with many Fortune 500 companies and prominent accounting and consulting firms prior to joining the firm. Many hold advanced degrees and certifications including, MBAs, CFEs, CPAs and CIRAs.

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Our team of professionals is also skilled in litigation preparation and arbitration, from early case assessment and strategy, to expert report preparation and assistance at deposition and trial.  The counsel that we work with relies on and respects our attention to detail – trusting our ability to identify important case nuances and to assist in developing case strategy.

For each case in which we are involved we ensure that our facts and opinions are presented in a clear and concise manner, that we have an in-depth knowledge of all evidence, and most importantly, that we prepare and present a defensible position.  As a result, we are often asked by counsel to identify flaws in an opposing expert’s report and to assist in examining their conclusions and preparing a rebuttal report.

Mackinac Partners has the expertise and credentials to help support your legal team’s most challenging litigation matters related to business transactions and financial performance. Please contact us to learn more about Mackinac Partners Litigation Support and Dispute Advisory Services.

Please contact us to learn more about Mackinac Partners Litigation Support, Dispute Advisory and Expert Testimony Services.

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