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Turnaround Management & Corporate Restructuring Advisory

Businesses face an array of dynamic challenges – from regulatory impacts and global competition to technological innovations, vertical integration, and supply disruptions. These dynamics can sometimes result in the loss of key customers, market share, or revenues, leading to liquidity and working capital issues, and broader debt and capital structure issues that require a strong plan of action. Mackinac Partners provides highly skilled and responsive assistance to companies dealing with operational and financial crisis, capital structure and debt issues, underperforming business units, or liquidity and working capital issues.

Mackinac Partners provides restructuring services to companies, equity sponsors, as well as creditors in distressed situations—a repertoire of experience that helps us address core liquidity and working capital issues efficiently. Timely analysis of the situation allows us to accelerate negotiations with lenders, bankers, lawyers, and new capital partners, as well as implement a strategic restructuring plan tailored towards future stability, improved performance, and maximum value to stakeholders and company directors.

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Skilled Resources, Flexible Restructuring Methodology
Our professionals are all highly skilled in finance and operations, liquidity management, cost control, distressed debt, chapter 11 processing, debt negotiations, capital raising and turnaround management. We work side by side with company stakeholders to help stem financial and operational crises, to improve liquidity and working capital, and to develop and implement a Restructuring Business Plan to fully address the core issues adversely impacting business performance and return the company to a path of increased stability and profitability.

We also provide Interim Management and CRO services for companies and Private Equity sponsors who need experienced restructuring personnel to lead the process and ensure current management is focused on current operations and that business disruption during times of crises or a restructuring implementation are minimized.

While each company’s financial and operational situation varies, and each capital and debt structure is unique, we employ a proven and flexible Restructuring Methodology which helps accelerate business transformation and fast track restructuring for companies and equity sponsors across many different industries.


Our Flexible Restructuring Methodology:

Liquidity, Working Capital and Crisis Management
  • Understand company objectives and liquidity challenges and needs
  • Stabilize operations and generate cash flow
  • Manage cash flow and secure continued near term funding and sourcing
  • Evaluate strategic options and capital structure needs
Business Restructuring Plan Development
  • Assess Capital Structure and Lender/Creditor Positions
  • Model Restructuring Scenarios
  • Determine Filing or Capital Restructuring Approach
  • Assess Operational impacts and dispositions
  • Finalize Business and Restructuring Plan with Company Stakeholders
Lender Negotiations and Establishment of new Capital Financing
  • Finalize new capital structure plan, covenants and leverage
  • Assist and/or lead negotiation efforts to refinance existing credit lines / establish new lines
  • Assist in implementing other financial and operational support services as requested
Restructure Implementation
  • Secure capital structure closing
  • Provide Post Closing Support and Performance Enhancement services as requested

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