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Liquidity & Working Capital Stabilization

Businesses face an array of dynamic challenges, from regulatory impacts and global competition to technological innovations, vertical integration, and supply disruption. These dynamics can sometimes result in the loss of key customers, market share, or revenues, leading to liquidity and working capital issues, and often broader debt and capital distress that require a strong plan of action.

The first symptoms of these issues are usually the reduction of liquidity, which can be extremely harmful to current business operations. Mackinac Partners’ Turnaround and Restructuring practice is geared towards helping companies quickly assess both the key factors impacting liquidity and their cash flow needs.

shutterstock_210943255 - T and ROur specialists will rapidly identify the key issues impacting liquidity, including cash flow generation, supplier and cost control, current debt service, overhead and SG&A, revenue and collections, and other key working capital impacts.

We will model cash flow and operational working capital to determine how cash is being managed and disseminated. We will also accelerate a near term plan of steps with company management to speed collections, slow disbursements, cut costs, and generate liquidity to ensure that critical customer, supplier and business operational impacts are minimized.

These activities are extremely critical and impactful as the generation of near term liquidity through internal actions is key to obtaining the time to:

  • Implement deeper operational and cost control measures
  • Evaluate strategic options and capital structure needs
  • Negotiate consensual solutions with creditors
  • Develop a Restructuring business plan if deeper capital restructuring or additional sources of capital are required

Our specialists can also serve in an interim CRO, CEO, CFO or Controller role to help manage through the crisis and stabilize operations. For more information please visit our Interim Management Services page.

We also work with stakeholders to identify the debt and capital structure issues that are impacting current operations, evaluate strategic options, and determine future capital structure needs which are critical inputs to the development of a restructuring business plan and lender negotiations.

With experts highly skilled in crisis management, liquidity management, cost control, distressed debt, chapter 11 processing, debt negotiations, capital raising, and turnaround management, Mackinac Partners can help your company through even the most difficult liquidity and working capital crises and help provide the near term stability required to address additional strategic options, operational actions and/or restructuring steps.

Please contact us to learn more about Mackinac Partners Liquidity and Working Capital Stabilization Services.

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