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Strategic Workouts & Real Estate Transaction Advisory

During times of market turbulence, maximizing the value of real estate and property holdings can be challenging for even the most experienced operators and well leveraged companies. Mackinac Partners provides a premier platform of services to source, manage, and maximize distressed “negative carry” whole loans and assets. Our services include transactional services, portfolio workout solutions, and due diligence.

With deep experience in capital markets, real estate workouts, restructurings and buy / sell-side transactions, Mackinac Partners has assisted investors, creditors, and lenders in restructuring extensive real estate portfolios.

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We have served in executive management roles for leading real estate related organizations including the country’s second largest homebuilder, leading vacation ownership companies, and numerous mortgage finance companies, homebuilders, land developers and commercial real estate development firms.

With a breadth of financial partners in various real estate development channels, Mackinac Partners can assist its clients to implement recovery or growth-oriented solutions across numerous asset classes, including residential, vacation/resort, commercial, industrial and land.


Our Specialty Real Estate Services include:

Strategic Workouts

Mackinac Partners has significant industry and technical experience assisting lenders, equity investors and developers of real estate-related entities to manage complex business crises such as liquidity pressures, loan maturity issues, and impending foreclosures.

We have direct operating experience with a variety of asset classes including residential, commercial development, retail and hospitality. Our professionals have deep knowledge of the dynamic market conditions that are present in this sector and will bring order, clarity and direction to an otherwise chaotic environment.

We believe a proactive workout approach yields better long-term results for all parties involved. Working collaboratively, Mackinac Partners will quickly assess the situation, evaluate the potential options, and recommend and implement a comprehensive solution. We apply sophisticated analytical techniques and proven skills to address key issues such as valuation, feasibility, development, creditor and lender pressures, and acquisition and disposition.

We regularly provide clients with assistance in negotiating debt with lenders, developing plans to recapitalize troubled properties and helping to liquidate unprofitable portfolios and under-performing assets. Our hands-on experience provides us with the ability to develop value-added solutions for our clients that optimize portfolio performance even in the most challenging circumstances.

Buy-side Advisory

Mackinac Partners regularly works with clients who are interested in enhancing their current portfolio holdings. We maintain a comprehensive understanding of market trends, providing our clients with insight on opportunistic transactions. We work closely with management to develop strategic objectives and to prepare a thorough market / feasibility overview. Our analysis also includes extensive financial modeling, due diligence, and a keen understanding of all regulatory, legal and tax implications.

On behalf of our clients, we regularly provide assistance throughout the entire acquisition process from valuation to due diligence, thorough negotiations, capital placement and post-acquisition advisory. Our seamless involvement ensures limited interruption to existing portfolio operations. We assist our clients in identifying and obtaining a capital structure that will support their portfolio expansion. Additionally, we often provide our clients with post-acquisition liquidity and development planning assistance.

Sell-side Advisory

With extensive experience in distressed asset management, workouts, and dispositions, Mackinac Partners has helped numerous companies improve the liquidity and value of their real estate holdings. Whether we are engaged by sellers to help reposition their portfolios, as part of a bankruptcy filing, or in a court-appointed fiduciary role, we work closely with stakeholders throughout the process to protect the value of their assets.

Our real estate professionals have extensive experience helping clients achieve their business and financial objectives, including preparing sales offerings, establishing pricing guidelines, and overseeing due diligence and bid room management. We provide full analytical support throughout the sale-cycle process, critiquing such issues as valuation, feasibility and liquidity and analyzing alternate disposition scenarios. Our foremost goal is to provide our clients with a sound and pragmatic solution that will maximize the value of their holdings.

REO and Lender Advisory Services

With considerable resources and expertise in managing distressed real estate portfolios, Mackinac Partners is uniquely positioned to assist lenders in the sale and management of these assets. Our REO and Lender Advisory team provides assistance to financial institutions who find themselves in the dubious position of controlling the development or sale of a portfolio of assets. Our services include:

  • Portfolio Valuation, Due Diligence and financial modeling
  • Portfolio and Property Sales

Whether your needs involve a small group of properties, a large distressed portfolio, or an REO lender portfolio, Mackinac Partners has the necessary distressed asset and fiduciary management acumen to improve the stability, performance and return on your real estate holdings.

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