Case Studies

Securing Operations, Production, and Human Capital in the International Automotive Parts Manufacturing Sector

Security Advisory and CSO/Business Intelligence/Threat Assessments/Security Architecture

Mackinac Partners Business Intelligence and Corporate Security group has actively assisted a premier global powertrain design and manufacturer in development and implementation of its corporate and production facilities security architecture. As one of the most diversified automotive suppliers in the world – geo-political, operational and physical security, as well as data security and personal safety are paramount.

The company designs, develops and manufactures automotive systems for OEMs of cars and light trucks on an international basis. The company operates over 300 manufacturing facilities with almost 100 product development, engineering and sales centers in 29 countries throughout the world.

Escalation of a challenging climate in one of their Latin American operations induced the company to seek out specialized support on multiple security fronts. The company engaged Mackinac Partner’s Senior Managing Director Greg Suhajda to review the overall situation and develop recommendations that would allow for safety, security and a sustainable operation where the effect of the surrounding environment would have a negligible impact on its business.

The team initially completed a comprehensive security assessment and investigation of the operations at each of the manufacturing facilities. Regional threats assessments were conducted along with the preliminary development of local law enforcement relationships. Following additional on the ground assessments, relationship protocol development and investigative reports, a detailed security plan was developed and implemented at all subject sites.

The company subsequently expanded the engagement and Mackinac Partners role to include development and implementation of new security processes, policies, and procedures for both operations and its associates. It also included a new Security Division for which the company asked Mackinac Partners to head and Greg Suhajda to serve as acting Security Chief of Operations.

With a successful and dynamic security division now in place and a new security architecture allowing for increased productivity, safety and local level relationships, the company plans to work with Mackinac Partners to support additional international operations centers that have similar opportunities for improved business operations with the further mitigation of geo-political and security risks.