Lender Negotiations and Debt Restructuring

Mackinac Partners has extensive experience in lender negotiations and debt restructuring, capital markets, and new financing to help accelerate a company’s restructuring plan and drive improved profitability for management and stakeholders. We have collaborated with leading investment banks, lenders and private equity funds to collectively raise over $20 billion in capital.

Mackinac Partners is regularly engaged to assist companies in restructuring or raising new capital for needs that include recapitalizations, restructurings, expansion, buy-outs, working capital, mergers and acquisitions, exit financing, and DIP financing.

shutterstock_397033939 - lender negotiation 2We maintain experience working with some of the nation’s largest lenders, including: Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Comerica, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Penn Corp. These relationships have provided us with strong acumen in the acceleration of debt re-negotiations and revised covenants for our clients.

Our restructuring experts are able to develop a compelling business and restructuring plan with detailed revised cash flow, working capital and operational models, macro-economic impacts, and planned management and operational actions to help drive negotiations with lenders, secured creditors, trustees, stakeholders and other constituents. We will also work closely with company management, Directors, and Board members to obtain critical buy-in to the business plan and debt restructuring proposal as part of lender negotiations.

With extensive loan and capital markets experience, Mackinac Partners is able to present a compelling business case and innovative debt solutions to borrowers, lenders, and sponsors to help accelerate a company’s business restructuring plan.

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