Private Equity Compliance Services

The regulatory environment has become increasingly complex for private equity firms.  The Security and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and other authorities have been expanding the compliance requirements of PE firms on a regular basis.

Mackinac Partners has a deep understanding of both the nuances of private equity as well as compliance requirements stipulated by the SEC. Through our Private Equity Compliance Services (“PECS”), our firm provides proactive guidance to private equity firms to minimize the risk and exposure from regulatory requirements.

Our Private Equity Compliance Services experts will review and analyze high risk areas of your firm such as cybersecurity plans and strategies, controls over financial reporting, valuation of investments, allocation of expenses, and calculation of fee revenues.  Once the review is complete, we will communicate areas of risk and exposure to your firm.

To reach our Private Equity Compliance Services team, please contact our Compliance Managing Director Bob Krawczyk here.

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