Bankruptcy Services

Helping companies and stakeholders to navigate structural changes and maximize value

Restructurings sometimes require use of the courts to resolve complex negotiations or to obtain relief provided by certain statutory provisions of the Bankruptcy Code. Mackinac has extensive experience in helping companies and stakeholders analyze the optimal approach, assess cost-benefit factors and facilitate the implementation of this course of action where appropriate.

We have the network, credibility and experience required to successfully collaborate and negotiate with attorneys, investment bankers, equity holders, creditors and and other advisors representing various constituents in the process.

Our bankruptcy services include assisting clients and their counsel with the following:

  • First day and other motions
  • Debtor-in-possession financing, use of cash collateral and exit financing
  • Cash management, 13-week cash flow forecast and other cash reporting
  • Schedules of assets and liabilities, statements of financial affairs, monthly operating reports and other bankruptcy reporting required by the Court and the United States Trustee
  • Communications with employees, vendors, customers and other constituents
  • Leases, executory contracts and other claims
  • Labor agreements, post-retirement obligations, incentive plans and other employment matters
  • Restructuring plans and strategy
  • Asset sales and auctions pursuant to Bankruptcy Code §363
  • Plans of reorganization and feasibility
  • Disclosure statements and related projections, valuations and liquidation analyses
  • Contested hearings, avoidance actions and other adversary proceedings, related litigation, post-confirmation disputes, and other bankruptcy-related litigation
  • Investigations for independent directors, examiners and other parties.