Diligence Advisory

Positioning for success in transactions and strategic investments

Mackinac provides clients with the professional expertise to drive value creation at every stage of an investment. We believe the most critical stage is the diligence phase, where our team provides the depth and breadth of experience to methodically and comprehensively assess a business and clearly identify the areas of risk and opportunities to drive value creation.

Our ability to tap subject matter experts across various disciplines allows us to efficiently assess complex situations to support the diligence efforts. Our multi-disciplinary approach, which can be customized to meet specific client needs or scenarios, includes:

Financial and Operational

  • Financial analysis/modeling to validate and quantify opportunities
  • Assessment of the business to identify risks, challenges, and opportunities from an operating standpoint
  • Assessment of the target’s systems, controls and processes
  • Assessment of the target’s management capabilities and human resources
  • Identification of areas of opportunity (revenue, cost management, personnel development, etc.) and the key initiatives to drive value.


  • Assistance to counsel and the client with negotiating letters of intent and purchase agreements
  • Counterparty bid assessments and analyses
  • Asset and business valuations
  • Capital structure and financing advisory services.


  • Business intelligence and background assessments provided by our dedicated security team
  • Transaction risk analysis
  • Insurance and compliance assessment.

shutterstock_274177127 - due diligence analysis

A comprehensive and thorough operational, financial and strategic assessment of a business is essential to structuring a successful transaction that results in value accretion. Our business assessments are focused on identifying, quantifying and detailing the key initiatives that will drive value upon consummation of a transaction.

For acquisitions that are part of a bolt-on strategy, it is important that integration plans are developed to fully realize synergies, operational improvements identified as part of the business assessment, system conversions and personnel integrations. Mackinac professionals develop integration plans, in conjunction with the business assessment, and support management teams in implementing these plans.