CRO & Restructuring Advisory

Providing innovative restructuring, debt and distressed financial advisory

Mackinac provides restructuring services to companies, creditors and other stakeholders in distressed situations through an in-court or out-of-court process. Our team’s vast experience enables us to address core liquidity and working capital issues quickly and to accelerate negotiations with existing creditors, new capital providers and each party’s attorneys and advisors. We follow with the implementation of a strategic restructuring plan that provides future stability and enhanced value to stakeholders.

Our restructuring methodology enables business transformation, builds consensus among stakeholders and company management on the restructuring plan, and drives improved performance and quantifiable results.

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Mackinac is regularly engaged to assist companies in financial restructurings and/or raising new capital for purposes including recapitalizations, restructurings, expansions, buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, exit financing and DIP financing. We have collaborated with leading investment banks, lenders and private equity funds to raise billions collectively in new capital.

Our restructuring experts develop compelling business and restructuring plans with detailed cash flow, working capital and operational models, macro-economic variables, and management and operational action plans to facilitate negotiations with lenders, unsecured creditors and other constituents. We work closely with company management and board members to obtain critical buy-in to the business plan and debt restructuring proposal in advance and throughout the negotiating process.