Transaction Advisory

Maximizing value in both M&A and sell-side transactions

Mackinac assists companies and their stakeholders to position for improved business performance and increased value in M&A/buy-side and strategic and distressed sell-side transactions. Whether companies are implementing new business plans, working through a restructuring or turnaround, or pursuing new channels of growth, Mackinac has extensive experience working with all stakeholders and third-party participants to ensure that the transaction delivers maximum value and targeted return objectives. 

With strong competition for well performing assets, it is important that companies and equity sponsors are diligent in their strategic investments and divestitures, and proactive in  integrating new capabilities to achieve targeted business performance. Mackinac provides a suite of services to help acquiring companies and equity stakeholders assess, quantify and pursue performing assets.  From detailed financial and operational due diligence, to detailed analysis of the strategic and synergistic aspects of a transaction – we help companies develop comprehensive assessments of acquisition opportunities and their strategic fit. We also provide detailed diligence and assistance to companies and their stakeholders in strategic asset sales, distressed sales and workouts.

We work closely with executives and stakeholders to assess risks and opportunities associated with proposed strategies and to refine business models to achieve a clear view and the highest probability of success. We also provide vertical expertise and operational experience to assess and quantify opportunities during the diligence process to support valuation analysis and strategic objectives.

The implementation process that immediately follows a transaction is the most critical timeframe for harnessing synergies that drive ROI and stakeholder value. Mackinac helps develop detailed integration/post-acquisition plans and works with management teams to help target and drive synergies, efficiencies, and post-transaction ROI to maximize value for stakeholders, including driving revenue enhancements, realizing cost savings, optimizing go-to-market efficiencies and improving financial and operational performance.