Asset Utilization

Distressed companies frequently struggle with optimizing asset utilization. Whether assets are business units, products or service offerings, intellectual property, retail or restaurant locations/markets or real estate holdings, Mackinac Partners assists clients in identifying under-utilized assets, divesting non-strategic assets to create liquidity and incremental value, and improving asset management in the core business.

Evaluating Asset Utilization

A key to any turnaround is understanding which assets are generating acceptable returns and which are not. Mackinac Partners helps clients evaluate the actual and potential sources of cash flow for the business, identify non-core and non-strategic assets or operations, and prioritize the opportunities to re-deploy assets or create liquidity.

Divesting Under-Utilized Assets

Mackinac Partners works with clients to develop and implement strategies to create liquidity and invest in the core business by monetizing under-utilized assets. We assist in managing the dissolution or divestiture of non-strategic assets, including support of diligence, oversight of professionals and advice as to the value-maximizing alternatives.

Enhancing Portfolio and Asset Management

Mackinac Partners assists clients in implementing recovery or growth-oriented portfolio and asset management solutions across numerous asset classes, including real estate and commercial or consumer loan portfolios. We assist investors and creditors in sourcing, managing and maximizing distressed “negative carry” whole loans and assets, including due diligence, portfolio workout solutions and transactional services.