Operational Turnaround & Performance Improvement

Developing and implementing EBITDA-accretive value creation plans to turn around business performance

Mackinac has significant experience and a strong track record of guiding small and mid capitalization market companies across industries through complex and challenged turnarounds. Our turnaround practice is nationally recognized, and we focus on developing turnaround and value creation plans that are practical, measurable and provide a clear path to EBITDA growth. 

Our professionals have served in many notable C-suite and senior financial and operational advisory roles, working side by side with management teams and stakeholders to implement revised business plans, stabilize business and financial operations, improve liquidity and working capital, and drive transformative changes in performance that drive EBITDA and enhance enterprise value. We also help companies divest underperforming business units, close locations or exit markets, brands or product lines that adversely affect business performance

The Mackinac team is results-focused, working with a heightened sense of urgency. We believe in clearly identifying strengths, challenges and opportunities, leading to the development of detailed turnaround plans that identify specific initiatives to drive results. In our business assessments, we draw upon our own expertise as well as subject matter experts within the client company to address various aspects of the operations, with specific focus on the following:

  • Sales/Marketing strategy
  • Revenue generation
  • Cost management
  • Operational efficiencies.
  • Partner/Vendor/Supply performance
  • Overall EBITDA growth.

The Mackinac Partners team works in collaboration with management teams, not only to develop turnaround plans, but also to provide the resources required to implement those plans. Our focus on the day-to-day plan implementation enables management teams to focus on running their businesses.

Proprietary Approach

Mackinac employs a systematic and diligent process to identify the key areas of opportunity that will drive EBITDA growth.

  • Step 1 – Listen to management to learn about the history, the initiatives, the challenges and the current state of the business.
  • Step 2 –Data mine and analyze the information provided to validate trends, performance, efficiencies, challenges and key metrics.
  • Step 3 – Evaluate the macro factors, the industry and the company’s position and product offering within the industry to assess the competitive advantage and/or differentiator.
  • Step 4 – Identify the specific areas of opportunity and the challenges facing the business. Develop initiatives that, once implemented, will realize the opportunities and address the challenges; quantify the value-creation from each initiative on an execution timeline.
  • Step 5 – Aggregate all initiatives and build the comprehensive turnaround plan with a clear vision, strategy and financial targets, utilizing customized project management tools to guide implementation and track progress.

The Mackinac team works with a heightened sense of urgency throughout the process to prevent further EBITDA erosion while implementing the steps to preserve value and turnaround a business. We work in concert with management in implementing the plan, a clear roadmap for value creation, while measuring performance at intervals throughout the process.