Strategic and Operational Plan Advisory

Mackinac Partners can help companies and equity sponsors develop and focus strategic and operational plans to help strengthen core capabilities, develop new channels of growth, improve business performance and maximize an organization’s enterprise value.

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As business, market and competitive conditions change over time, it is important that strategic objectives are directed to address new challenges and opportunities, and that organizational and operational design and performance are well aligned to achieve those goals. Mackinac Partners’ methodology, derived from extensive hands-on C-level experience in managing and operating companies at all stages of the business cycle, helps drive strategic and operational plans that have vision and foresight but are also grounded in realistic market and industry conditions and emerging trends.

Whether developed strategies lead to new acquisitions, capability enhancement, vertical integration, elimination of non-core assets, or the development of new customers, markets or products – Mackinac Partners can help develop plans that will advance competitive positioning and drive bottom line performance.

We work closely with executives and stakeholders to assess risks and opportunities associated with proposed strategies and to refine business models to achieve the highest probability of success.

Mackinac Partners also provides a suite of services to help companies and equity sponsors implement and operationalize strategic plans. In addition to capability enhancement, M&A, and strategic divestitures and carve-outs, we also provide a full suite of services to help improve the performance of companies, brands, portfolio holdings and organizations impacted by changing business and competitive dynamics. For more, please visit us at: Financial Performance Improvement and Value Enhancement.


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