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Insights: Vulnerability and Threat Assessments: Staying Two Steps Ahead of Risk

October 8, 2015

Intelligence gathering and information security puts many companies at risk for a cyber attack. In fact, a study done by Dell indicates: Nearly 3/4 of organizations surveyed have admitted to experiencing a security breach within the last 12 months, but only 18% consider predicting and detecting unknown threats a top security concern.

It’s clear how prevalent the risk of a security breach has become. In order to effectively manage this risk, you need to know where your company is vulnerable. In other words, where in its information, network and data architecture is it most susceptible to a security breach.

This can be done with a vulnerability assessment. Not only will a good assessment identify areas of weakness, but also potential threats, along with the impact they could have on your company if security is compromised. Regardless of how much your leadership or security team knows about your company, it is extremely difficult for them to identify vulnerabilities in its infrastructure without the proper expertise or resources. Having a trusted external partner to handle this highly important task is your best chance at success.

Just as companies seek outside expertise for legal and financial matters, they should now be looking for experts in cyber security and data privacy.(1) Mackinac Partners has the expertise in business intelligence and corporate security, as well as the latest technological resources, to develop comprehensive vulnerability and threat assessments that will protect your people, assets and critical information in the event of a crisis.

We schedule penetration tests, web application tests and network security assessments to help target vulnerabilities specific to your business. Our associates also develop a detailed security schematic with actionable recommendations, along with a roadmap for implementation and compliance that will help prevent cyber incidents from occurring.


In this day and age, especially in the current global business environment, it’s imperative to consider how a security breach would be viewed from a stakeholder point of view. 69% of US respondents were worried about the impact of cyber threats to their growth prospects, significantly higher than 49% of global CEOs who reported the same unease.(2)

The implications of a compromised security crisis are far reaching and can result in the loss of customers and profit, which is exactly why a customized, comprehensive security plan should be an absolute priority.

Although threats are out of your control, having an ongoing assessment and risk management plan in place will help guard your company against the worst when danger is immanent. Our detailed security assessments, design and testing, and incident response services will help you prevent emerging cyber threats from irreparable damage to your company and its reputation. Give us a call today. Your company will thank you.

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2. PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey 2014

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